Abraham Bohn Scholarship for Children of Veterans Helps UMass Legacy of Education for Veteran Families

Animal sciences, economics and legal studies are just a few of the interests of the five University of Massachusetts Amherst students selected to receive the first Abraham Bohn Scholarships for children of veterans.

Established in 2020 by UMass Amherst alumnus Larry Bohn ’74, the Abraham Bohn Scholarship for Children of Veterans supports UMass Amherst undergraduate students who are children of deceased or disabled veterans . The fund is named after Larry’s father, Abraham, a World War II airman who was shot down, spent 18 months in a Romanian POW camp and returned home with several health issues. After Abraham’s death, Larry and his sister Rhonda Bohn ’82 were able to attend UMass with the support of the post-war GI Bill.

Massachusetts is home to more than 300,000 former members of the United States Armed Forces, and the number of children of veterans who want to attend college but cannot afford it is growing. Currently, children of veterans who are deceased or completely and permanently disabled due to injuries sustained while on active duty serving our country receive federal benefits, but they are not enough to cover the costs associated with attendance. of the University. The Bohn Scholarship Fund helps ensure that students whose families have made great sacrifices to defend our nation have access to an excellent college education.

The recipients of the 2021-2022 Abraham Bohn Scholarship for Children of Veterans are:

Christina Eckenreiter’24

Eckenreiter is a sophomore from Fairhaven, Massachusetts, who plans to become a wildlife veterinarian with a specialty in virology and pathology. She lost her father when she was five years old. Now pursuing her studies in animal science, she says, “Thanks to this scholarship, I will be able to afford my books and take the courses I need to become competent in my field and make a difference in the world that my father gave me. had intended. To do.”

Hunter Sergei ’22

Sergey is a senior from Leominster, Massachusetts, specializing in


Hunter Sergei

economy. After graduation, he would like to work in public policy to reform ineffective environmental laws. About the scholarship, he says, “I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, and I would like to especially thank the Bohn family and my mother for their service in the military, which allowed me the freedom to pursue n’ any career. wanted – a luxury that not everyone can afford.

Daniel Cowen ’22

Cowen is a senior from Fall River, Massachusetts, specializing in building and construction technology. He is interested in building sustainability and hopes to start his professional career as a project manager or draftsman at a company in Western Massachusetts. He says, “With this scholarship, I hope I can graduate from UMass Amherst faster so I can start paying off my student loans in full and repaying my dad for all the support he gave me throughout. throughout my life.

Noah Jacques ’23

Jacques is a junior from Greenfield, Massachusetts, specializing in


NEWS Noé Jacques
Noah Jacques

environmental sciences. After graduating, he plans to enlist in the Air Force to become a pararescue jumper. His ultimate goal is to earn a master’s degree in criminal justice and apply to become a game warden for the Fish and Wildlife Service. He says, “This scholarship brings me a lot closer to my goal of getting a degree and getting a head start in life.”

Victoria Hodgdon ’23

Hodgdon is a junior from East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, majoring in English and legal studies with a minor in political science. She plans to go to law school to become an international human rights lawyer. She says, “This scholarship will relieve so much financial stress and allow me to just focus on my studies without worrying about how my single mom is going to get me and my brother through college.”

Children of veterans bring a diverse set of experiences and perspectives to UMass Amherst. Like their classmates, they have the potential to become leaders in their communities, both locally and globally, with increased access to the world-class higher education our university offers. This is why financial assistance remains a key priority. The generosity of the UMass community enables these students to pursue their passions and talents regardless of their financial situation and prepares them to immediately contribute to society in myriad ways without the burden of debt.

Next year, and in the years to come, the goal is to increase the number of students supported by this scholarship as the income from this endowment increases.

For more information on this scholarship, contact Meredith Feltus at mfeltus@umass.edu.

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