Automated Process Records Vaccines Administered by the Veteran Community

VA makes it easy to track vaccinations administered by your community. Veterans who receive vaccinations through an in-network community provider or retail pharmacy no longer need to provide VA documentation to ensure those vaccinations are recorded on their patient record.

VA recently implemented an improved Community Immunization Encounter Administration (CAVE) process, which automatically records immunizations in your medical record. The November 2021 CAVE update expands the process to include influenza, COVID-19, and other licensed vaccinations administered by community providers.

If you receive a vaccination in an emergency department or urgent care facility, you will still need to provide a copy of the vaccination record to your VA provider.

Seamless Process Improves Continuity of Veteran Care

CAVE is transparent to you because vaccinations administered by community providers – billed and paid for by VA – will be automatically added to your VA health record.

The CAVE process is also transparent to network community providers and retail pharmacies, as it does not change the claims submission process or the data required.

Increases veteran safety

CAVE improves your security. By automatically recording community-administered vaccines, we reduce the risk of you receiving a duplicate vaccination.

Through the CAVE process, the name of the vaccine, the manufacturer, and the date the vaccine was administered will be automatically recorded in your VA medical record.

Community-administered vaccinations are added to your VA medical record 30 business days after they are given, or when the request is received, whichever is longer. COVID-19 vaccines will be added 10 business days after administration or when claim is received, whichever is longer.

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