Call of Duty is hosting a virtual in-game race for veterans’ charity

Ahead of Memorial Day weekend, Call of Duty will honor veterans with a special in-game event to generate money for its in-house nonprofit.

The Call of Duty endowment, which helps place veterans in the workforce, celebrates the milestone of 100,000 successful cases. Alongside the holiday weekend, the Activision Blizzard video game will host “Veteruns” in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific until June 3.

The event, created with agency Gut Los Angeles, is a fun 100-kilometer virtual race where players will win prizes and contribute to the tech company’s $1 million donation to the Call of Duty endowment. The company agrees to pay $1 per 10 kilometers traveled by each player (up to $10 per player). To gamify the charity event, players will earn badges ranging from bronze to gold with increasing rarity depending on how far their character has traveled and have the chance to score on a game-wide leaderboard for the most long distance traveled during the event.

The campaign also includes a Twitter extension, where players can receive a personalized newsletter of their performance in the event. By tweeting at official game account with their Activision ID and “#CODVeteruns100k,” users will receive stats on distance traveled virtually and the amount of donations generated from their participation.

“We’re always looking to engage our players in new ways, and working with the staffing allows us to give our fans the opportunity to do something that’s both fun and impactful,” said Fernando Machado, Chief Marketing Officer. Activision Blizzard, in a press release. . “It’s an event we’re all excited for, and we can’t wait to see the excitement of the community as they race to the top of the leaderboards for a great cause.”

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