CCTV: Veterans Program Hosts Conversation on “Overcoming Amputation” | News

Navy veteran Derek McGinnis spoke on “Overcoming Amputation,” talking about his own life and experiences. (Photo courtesy of CCTV)

Contra Costa Television’s military support program “Veterans’ Voices” hosted a conversation on “Overcoming Amputation” earlier this month, which took time to talk about life and the paths to recovery faced many wounded soldiers.

Recorded live on January 11, the in-depth discussion looked at the journeys of those who lost a limb during service and highlighted organizations dedicated to helping them regain mobility and confidence.

“It’s very poignant in that it puts life in perspective. So if someone is facing difficulties in life, they always think about what you can do? What can you be grateful for? It can always be worse,” Navy veteran Derek McGinnis said during the conversation. “For me, I’m glad I was just an (above knee amputee) and I was able to move these tools forward and take back my quality of life. I’m grateful for the tools that have been granted to me.

Providing veterans and attendees an opportunity to ask questions, the conversation featured veterans living with amputations such as McGinnis and Army Sgt. First Class Michael Smith, Mike Conklin of Sentinels of Freedom and Kathleen Pelz of Diablo Prosthetics and Orthotics.

Interested residents can watch the conversation at YouTube Channel Voice of Contra Costa Veterans and learn more about other upcoming events and resources available to veterans at the county’s website.

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