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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Veterans Community Project has seen more than 5,000 volunteers since the Tiny House Village began, and all of those helping hands are also helping neighboring businesses in southern KC.

The project provides tiny homes for homeless veterans while giving them the tools to transition into their own independence.

The nonprofit sees 30 to 70 volunteers a day and has 40 tiny houses so far.

“We get volunteers from all walks of life: single parents, CEOs, corporations and large business owners,said Mixon. “It’s really amazing to be able to bring the different walks of life here.”

The Veterans Community Project even hosted presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke on Tuesday.

“He visited the property to see the different things we do for our veterans,” said Brandon Mixon, project manager.

VCP told FOX4 that the tiny homes were originally valued at $75,000, but are now valued at $1.2 million. Rising property values ​​and thousands of volunteers have also boosted business for local restaurants.

The original small village attracts people to the area who may not have been here before.

“We are happy to be able to serve our veterans,” said BB BBQ manager Mike Nickle. “It’s great for business and our community.”

Nickle told FOX4 that VCP’s traffic boosted sales. His restaurant now caters to the nonprofit.

“They are regular customers. They’ve been coming every day since they started the project a few years ago, and they’ve been daily regulars,” Nickle said.

“They were just here today,” he said smiling. “We are their official barbecue place.”

No matter how you divide it, the Veterans Community Project not only serves local veterans, they also strengthen the community.


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