Letter: Changes to VA could be devastating for veterans and community – Salisbury Post

On behalf of our more than 10,000 Rowan County veterans, we thank Natalie Anderson for her front-page article in the Sunday, March 20 Salisbury Post, “Report Recommends Changes to Salisbury VA.

We hope that all veterans and citizens will read this article carefully and fully understand the repercussions and consequences on our community if bureaucrats in Washington approve and force the implementation of these recommendations in our Veterans Administration Medical Center. of Salisbury.

If you have not read this article, it may be very important for you to understand the changes contained in this bill. For example, it could eliminate most, if not all, of the emergency services, inpatient services, and many outpatient services currently available to our veterans. If passed by Congress, these changes could also result in the loss of up to 1,000 or more medical and professional jobs in our VA.

The article said our Salisbury VA served 77,742 veterans through 2020-21, and the proposed changes could force our veterans to travel to Charlotte or Kernersville for medical services. This may not be a viable option for the majority of veterans and their families.

Although the above changes are not imminent, if approved they could be phased in over the next few years. Now is the time for all of our veterans and citizens to stand up, speak up, and make our congressmen and senators fully aware of our opposition to these changes and the serious consequences they could have on our community. and our veterans. Please write or call your representatives in Washington today.

—Ronnie Smith



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