Letter to the Editor: Volunteer with AMVETS for the Active Veteran Community

It is well known that the military, when on active duty, never volunteer for anything because it is usually a job that no one wants to do.

It’s different today. Many veterans service organizations, like your own Huron Valley AMVETS Post 2006, have members who volunteer almost daily in these tasks, such as “Silent Watch”; (where other veterans stand at attention, beside the deceased veteran’s casket.) Duties of the Honor Guard; (which includes the three rifle volleys and sometimes the folding of the funeral flag) and color guard opportunities. (You’ll find the Color Guards marching at the head of your local parades.) The AMVETS have also been known to present the colors at “grand openings” and at your local schools’ athletic programs.

AMVETS Post 2006 played Color Guard in the Huron Valley Youth Baseball & Softball League at Duck Lakes Pines Park last May

The 2006 Huron Valley AMVETS Post has 16 members in the honor guard and 22 members in the color guard.

Your AMVETS members reach out to the community in many other ways. We volunteer our services to the Huron Valley Chamber of Commerce, helping them with their golf outings and Milford Memories.

Additionally, six of our AMVETS have helped build dividing walls for the Community Sharing Outreach Center with their upcoming move to their new facility.

Our volunteering, in a typical month, can reach over 500 hours of work.

Over the next few months, we will be visiting our local schools, interacting with students and answering their questions, as part of November programs for veterans.

We also plan to demonstrate the “Military Honors Ceremony” in high schools. This will include the folding of the funeral flag and the presentation of the flag.

If you, Spine reader, looking for an active community of veterans to get involved, please consider joining us at our regular meeting on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. We meet at the VFW Building, located at 3200 N. Duck Lake Road, Highland.

If you are looking to get involved in our community and would like to join our volunteers, contact us at www.amvets2006.org or call Joe Salvia at (313) 701-8000 or Bill Brown (248) 921-3149 and we’ll add you to our volunteer list.

Bill Brown

Public Relations Administrator for AMVETS Post 2006

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