Longmont Veterans Community Project seeks bottled water donations for homeless veterans – Longmont Times-Call

The Longmont Veterans Community Project is seeking donations of bottled water to distribute to homeless residents as temperatures are expected to reach 100 degrees. An out-of-state family took a detour on their family vacation to donate five crates.

On social media, VCP Longmont appealed for bottled water to be distributed to homeless veterans after seeing reports on Saturday that parts of northern and western Colorado would experience a heat warning excessive.

“When it’s very hot – as it does and should – it’s a challenge for our homeless population to stay hydrated, healthy and safe,” said VCP Longmont executive director Paul Melroy.

Melroy said the biggest challenge for homeless residents is “that they don’t necessarily have access to water, let alone things like air conditioning or ways to keep them cool and safe – that’s why we wanted to make an immediate push for water donations.”

“What’s really cool is that even though VCP is a Missouri-based organization, we have our outreach office here in Longmont, and some friendly and involved people with us in Kansas City decided to take a detour to Yellowstone on the way back. house to help donate five cases of water,” Melroy said.

The Longmont Veterans Community Project issued a call for water on Saturday after seeing reports of excessive heat warnings in parts of northern and western Colorado in which the vacationing Howard family from Missouri escalated in donating five cases of water.

He said the Howard family saw the Facebook post asking for bottled water for homeless veterans and news stories warning of an excessive heat advisory.

“I supported VCP by helping to build Kansas City Village and donating when we could,” said Alvin Howard. “We were in Yellowstone when I saw the post asking for bottled water for VCP Longmont – we looked at the map and saw it was a little detour on our way to Colorado Springs.” He added that it was easy to pick up water along the way to help.

“The four of us went through two crates of bottled water in moderate northern temperatures in a week while continuing our adventures,” Howard said. “Water is essential for everyone, especially those in the elements.”

Melroy added, “We are incredibly grateful to this family for giving up their time and contributing to our mission on a family summer vacation road trip.”

Howard said, “Water is also cheap, you can buy two cases of water for the price you pay for a fast food meal for one.”

Residents wishing to donate to VCP Longmont can drop off unopened cases of water at the Outreach Center, 1228 Main St., between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Additionally, residents who wish to help distribute water or get involved in the association can visit the organization’s website at veteranscommunityproject.org or by emailing info@vcp.org.

Longmont is expected to see a high of 101 degrees on Wednesday and a low of 63 degrees. According to the National Weather Service, there is a 10% chance of thunderstorms in the evening, but the day would be mostly sunny and warm.

The National Weather Service released a warning of dangerous weather forecasts Tuesday, warning much of the front end of warmer than normal heat conditions that are expected to be record breaking. The National Weather Service has advised residents that this hot spell may last longer than normal. The heat wave is expected to continue into next week.

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