Meet in Person for the Million Veteran Program | Southern Nevada Health Care in Virginia

The VA Southern Nevada Health System is enrolling veterans in the Million Veteran Program (MVP) with in-person appointments on June 23, 2021. MVP is a nationwide research program that studies how differences in genes, lifestyle, and d military experiences affect health and disease.

The future of medicine is in your genes. We need your help.

Fifteen minutes and a blood test are enough to make a lasting difference.

The VA Southern Nevada Health System recruits veterans into the Million Veteran Program, a national research program that studies how differences in genes, lifestyle, and military experiences affect veterans’ health and illness.

The goal is to one day give veterans specialized care with targeted treatments and preventions based on their genetics and medical history.

Veterans can register online at or by scheduling an appointment at our facility by calling 866-441-6075. You do not need to be receiving VA health care to join the VA Million Veteran Program or make an appointment at our facility.

What is the Million Veteran Program (MVP)?

Since its launch in 2011, nearly 840,000 veteran partners have joined MVP, helping researchers better understand the genetics of diseases in veterans.

By collecting DNA from as many veterans as possible, along with information about their health, lifestyle, and military experiences, researchers are beginning to answer important questions such as:

  • Why does a certain treatment work well for some veterans but not for others?
  • Why are some veterans at higher risk of developing a disease?
  • How can we prevent certain diseases in the first place?

Yes more women and diverse populations enroll, MVP researchers can discover new medical breakthroughs that work for all veterans.
What does registering mean?

To join MVP, you will be required to:

  • Complete an online consent process at or at the VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System by calling 1-866-441-6075 to schedule an appointment
  • Allow access to your health records
  • Provide a unique blood sample for genetic analysis
  • Complete occasional surveys about your health and lifestyle

Once registered, you may be contacted periodically if additional information is requested or if there is a research opportunity you may wish to consider. You will also receive program newsletters at least once a year with updates on research findings and other topics of interest.

For more questions about MVP, explore their FAQ or speak with a staff member at 866-441-6075.

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