Memorial Day Veterans Community Project Breakfast

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There’s a sense of belonging for veterans at a nonprofit subway.

This Memorial Day, former military figures made a rare group appearance for a holiday breakfast at the Veterans Community Project, a time of socializing that had been lost amid the pandemic. Meals like this provided a solemn gathering where veterans could share their frustrations with others.

“Our goal is not to say no to any veteran who comes in whatever their need,” Wes Williams, spokesman for the Veterans Community Project, said Monday.

Williams, a U.S. Navy veteran, talks with experienced military personnel all the time. Thanks to a $16,000 contribution to the project from the Honda Dealer Association of Kansas City, the project was able to plan similar tiny villages in St. Louis and outside Denver.

Over the past two years, VCP’s operation in Kansas City has built 49 small homes, used as transitional housing to prevent veterans from becoming homeless.

“It’s everyone’s mission. It is the mission of this community to end homelessness. We start with veterans. What a great way to do it,” Williams said.

“You cannot make a greater sacrifice for this country. The people who do it believe they are doing the right thing and the right thing for this country,” said Brian Mixon, president of the Kansas City Honda Dealer Association. “The least we can do is try to support their efforts when they return.”

“There’s a lot of love here with these guys,” said Bruce Curl, also a U.S. Navy veteran. “They make me a whole guy. I’m on my way to a better life.

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