Patuxent Habitat Veterans Program and BPOE Elks Lodge #2092 team up to help local veterans

Recently, Dan Muchow contacted Patuxent Habitat for Humanity’s Critical Veterans Repair Program, which was doing mold remediation work on Jim and Debbie Everhart’s home.

He realized it was more than he could handle and needed help getting the drywall and carpeting removed along with several other repairs to make this house a decent and safe place for him. Navy veteran and his wife. He contacted Jenkins Enterprises & Patuxent Habitat to help make the home safer for this family.

Mr. Muchow has helped us many times with mold removal for our veterans who need a little help but can’t afford to fix these problems themselves. Jenkins Enterprises also took care of it because the process was going to be long. Patuxent Habitat volunteers and PAX NAS volunteers helped fix the drainage issues to prevent this from happening again as well.

The immense cost of this project would have been far beyond the means the Everharts could afford. So a few grants and this amazing $4,000 donation from local BPOE Elks Lodge #2092 made a difficult situation for this family better. Mr. Everhart, who suffers from lung problems as a result of his Navy service, has made great strides in being able to live a better quality of life.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to age with dignity in their own home and community, especially our veterans!

The Patuxent Habitat for Humanity Veteran Critical Repair program is designed to repair the homes of veterans and their families. The program will help complete repairs identified in Habitat’s guidelines for essential home repairs which can range from roof repairs and structural wall repairs to installing wheelchair ramps and remodeling bathrooms. baths for easy use by disabled veterans.

If you would like to donate or volunteer for projects, including veterans programs, please call Laurie at 301-863-6227. for more information.

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