Rochdale Council provides a training area for the Heywood Veterans Charity

Rochdale Borough Council has provided a new charity training area which helps retrain veterans as HGV drivers.

Veterans into Logistics is a charity based on Heywood Old Rd in Middleton that has successfully trained or supported hundreds of ex-servicemen into new careers in heavy truck driving with respected logistics companies including Asda, Muller and XPO Logistics .

Now they have been given a designated reversal test site in Bowlee, Middleton, thanks to the council.

It will be an asset to help veterans practice their reversing skills before they pass their truck driving exams and be on their way to new careers in the logistics industry.

Councilor Janet Emsley, a member of the Rochdale Borough Council’s Armed Services Cabinet, said: ‘Big credit to the logistics veterans who, through DVSA approved instructors, are working hard to help former servicemen who can find it difficult to adapt to civilian life, providing qualifications, new opportunities and, above all, a new start to find employment in transport and logistics.

“Bolee’s hard surface area provides the perfect space to train and practice reversing large vehicles and is just another way for us to help support the Armed Forces family.”

A veteran who became Chief Logistics Operations Officer and Battery Commander of the Royal Artillery in the Army Reserves, Major Ian Battersby served over 40 years in the British Army and recently completed 12 years as as a commissioned officer.

He is passionate about supporting veterans in their driving career when they leave the military.

Major Ian said: ‘I would like to thank Rochdale Borough Council for allowing logistics veterans to use this designated part of Bowlee to practice reversing our HGV.

“It has helped the charity immensely and will allow veterans to learn one of the most challenging aspects of their training in a safe and beautiful location with military history.

“Our mission is to reduce unemployment and homelessness within the armed forces community. Once veterans have their truck license, we can help them find employment, providing structure, stability and financial security. »

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