Rochdale News | News Headlines | Air Commodore ‘impressed’ with Heywood veterans charity

Date published: November 01, 2022

The Ministry of Defense Air Commodore visited the local veterans’ charity, Veterans into Logistics at the Müller Dairies site in Manchester this week, to see how the charity mentors and trains veterans fighters to new careers as truck drivers once they leave the military.

Air Commodore David Tait MBE was invited by veterans to Logistics CEO and former Airborne Gunner Darren Wright.

He was introduced to two veterans, David and Reece, who the charity currently supports, to hear first-hand how Veterans into Logistics is making a difference in their lives.

The Heywood charity has secured a place in ex-army-backed accommodation for David, where he will be offered support to rebuild his life, and when he is ready, Veterans into Logistics will offer him driving training. heavyweight.

Reece has an agreed full-time job with Müller after completing his driving assessment later this week and becoming a fully qualified truck driver.

Darren Wright said: “We would like to thank Air Commodore for coming to visit us and meet with veterans who are currently undergoing our training. Our mission is to reduce unemployment and homelessness among the ex-military community. Once veterans have their license, we can help them find employment, providing structure, stability and financial security.

Air Commodore David Tait said, “You can be justifiably proud of what you have accomplished. The bonds you have forged have formed a force for good and I have truly enjoyed meeting all of their representatives. Müller seems to really agree, and I’ve been very impressed with the support they’ve provided, throughout the journey you’ve created together.

“Above all, I was very happy to have been able to meet David and Reece. For me, it was a sobering reminder that society can hold people who have served their country through difficult times. What you have done and what you are doing to help them is nothing short of inspiring and you should be very proud of your accomplishments.

If you are a veteran and are interested in a career in logistics, please contact Veterans into Logistics for advice and support:

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