Veterans Program Brings Out Creativity in Nevis Kids – Park Rapids Enterprise

Art, music and student essay writing were part of a Veterans Day celebration on November 11 at the Nevis school.

The chamber choir opened the program by singing “The Star Spangled Banner” as a star from the North US Marine Corps League honor guard saluted the flag.

The winners of the Voice of Democracy Veterans of Foreign Wars Essay Contest have been recognized, with Anna Crimmins receiving first place Serenity (“Ellie”) Miller receiving second place.

Teacher Melinda Mowder, host, explained that the essay contest was the VFW’s first scholarship program since 1947, with around 80,000 high school students competing each year for nearly $2 million in scholarships. This year’s theme was “Why is the veteran important? Molly Lindow read Crimmins’ winning essay.

“Veterans come from all walks of life and stepped up when the country needed them most,” Lindow read. “Whatever their reason for joining, these American citizens gave their lives to serve, giving much, and are to be thanked and honored.”

Crimmins’ essay went on to say that serving is more than wearing a uniform. “These are the leadership traits that often make veterans stand out,” she wrote. “A veteran is important because no matter how scary he is or how many individual sacrifices he has had to make, he put it aside and he served.”

Students Grace Gilmore, Gracyn Richter, Annabelle Bolster and Allee Forbes received $25 gift certificates from Star of the North Commander Dave Free as winners of a four-grade patriotic art contest.

To wrap up the program, veterans from every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces lined the Tiger Arena and traded waves with a parade of students.

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