Volunteers help out at the veterans charity’s big build day

A charity for military veterans has thanked volunteers for their help during a ‘big build’ day at a community garden in Worcester.

Stepway, which supports veterans making the transition to civilian life, runs a community garden project at the Old North Stables on Pitchcroft and plans to make the space fully accessible to everyone, including wheelchair users.

After receiving an offer of materials from building trader Keyline, the charity appealed for volunteers to come and help last weekend – and said they had had a great response.

Tina Dales, Operations Manager at Stepway, said: “Philip Mills, a veteran who works for Keyline in Worcester, had heard of Stepway and our community garden project.

“He had a conversation with Kirsty Bleasby, the project manager, and then her employers at Keyline, who were kind enough to support us by donating much-needed materials.

“Not only that, but they also delivered them.

Stepway held a big build day last weekend at their community garden

“With these materials, we hope to realize our plan to make the garden fully accessible to everyone, including people in wheelchairs.

“We were very lucky that the sun was out and everyone had a great time.

“Everyone at Stepway would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the participants, our amazing volunteers, Armed Forces Breakfast Club veterans Kirsty Bleasby and Philip Mills.

“Special thanks also to Keyline General Manager Dean Pinner, Branch Manager Oliver Clarke and Driver Nathan Foster.”

Worcester News: Keyline donated and delivered a load of building materialsKeyline donated and delivered a load of building materials

A host of activities take place at the Stepway community garden project in Worcester and another based at the charity’s wellbeing center in Oldbury in the West Midlands.

These include beekeeping, work on vegetable gardens and general garden maintenance.

Stepway also hosts drop-in sessions, allowing veterans to access support services, learn about the charity’s seven-step civilian skills program, and enjoy a cup of tea with d other veterans.

Worcester News: Stepway thanked volunteers for their help last SaturdayStepway thanked volunteers for their help last Saturday

The Stepway Community Garden Project in Pitchcroft, Worcester is open Mondays and Thursdays between 10am and 2pm, and everyone is welcome.

More information and details about the Seven Step Civil Skills Program can be found on the charity’s website stepway.org

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