Washoe County Jail Veterans Program

There’s a sense of excitement at Washoe County Jail thanks to a new program designed to help former inmates.

This includes structure, discipline and job opportunities. The inmates who participate in it actually want these things in their lives, but there is one thing that sets them apart from other inmates.

The program was introduced to them one day when a sergeant called a group of inmates together to talk to them about this new option.

“As soon as he said we were going to start a veterans unit, those veterans got excited. They got engaged. They started giving advice and suggestions,” the Washoe County Sheriff said. , Darin Balaam.

It’s hard to understand this excitement without first understanding the psychology of a person in the military.

Inmate Marc Smith served our country in the US Navy: “It made me feel like part of a family again and I thought, ‘Wow!’ They started this new program and band and we’re all in a big band together.”

Inmates who agree to be part of the veterans barracks are housed with deputy sheriffs who are also veterans.

The men wake up together, are required to participate in programs, and make their beds as they did in the military.

They also participate in the lessons. The overall goal is to give them structure and camaraderie in hopes of improving their chances of never coming back.

The Veterans’ Barracks can hold up to 72 inmates at a time. The program also includes medical and mental health services as well as housing and employment assistance.

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